2012-07-05 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for celebrating life of Clarke Westall

Thank you to all of Jamestown for joining in the celebration of life for Clarke Westall. He would have been honored by your presence. Especially I want to thank, of course, his family. In addition, I can’t thank enough the efforts of the Jamestown Tavern: Greg, Carolyn, Adrienne, Terrie and the entire kitchen staff for their untiring efforts.

Tom Storey exceeded my expectations regarding the slide show and music presentations and I can’t thank him enough. I also want to thank Consistant Care for their efforts before Clarke’s death.

Thank you to the members of the Jamestown Police Department for their participation: retired Sgt. Mike Balzer, retired Patrolman Robert Peckham, retired Chief Thomas Tighe, and Sgt. Keith Woodbine. Clarke served on the department for 32 years.

Kathy Westall Jamestown

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