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Islander releases book about a wave of disaster


The thriller, “Soliton,” is Roger Marshall’s first venture into fiction. It weaves a scary story about Katerina Greer-James, a tenacious journalist whose new husband is killed by a soliton, a giant single wave. She tracks down the group responsible for producing ships with the capability to churn out these monstrous waves. She later finds these beasts are precisely aimed to destroy coastal and lowlying land around the world. The men in charge of these ships will stop at nothing to cover their tracks and coerce governments to pay their demands.

Kate teams up with Michael Brook, a member of an undercover British military group that is part of the Royal Navy. Kate gets more than she bargained for as the pair fight for their lives as they uncover secret after tantalizing secret about the mysterious wave generators.

Roger Marshall originally hails from Plymouth, England, one of the areas depicted in his book. He moved to Jamestown about 30 years ago with his wife. He has always sailed and used to be a member of the crew on Prime Minister Ted Heath’s Morning Cloud. His gateway to writing was opened up through connections he made with other sailing mates. One publisher in England had asked him to write an article about the racing rules, which lead to a book on deck layouts. He wrote his first magazine article in 1971 and his first book, “Designed To Win,” in 1978. He has spent his time designing boats and writing nonfiction regularly in the years since. When he first moved to the United States, he worked for Sparkman and Stephens, the world’s leading design firm at that time.

Marshall loves to write in his office, which is off one of the two greenhouses on his property. Gardening is another of his interests, and ideas usually come to him as he works. His office is a beautiful sanctuary adorned with books, models, research papers and his computers.

“Soliton” was published in December and took him roughly five years to complete. He has a prequel that is almost finished, and a sequel is in the works as well. Marshall has written the gardening column for the Jamestown Press since 1993. His book is available on the Amazon Kindle store online.

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