2012-07-05 / News

New website will help connect farmers

Farming is in. Many young and second career farmers have their hearts set on farming in New England. Armed with a passion for feeding people, working with animals, and getting their hands in the dirt, these new farmers are prepared for the hard work ahead. They just need a good piece of land to start or expand their farming dreams.

On the other hand, a growing appreciation of local food and valuable farm soils is leading New England landowners to connect with farmers and find creative ways to share their land. They see many advantages to renting or selling their farmland. They just need to find a farmer.

Enter the New England Farmland Finder website. This new online service helps farmers and landowners find each other. This farm property clearinghouse is free, simple, up-to-date and privacy protected. It contains information and resource links to inform and support farm seekers and landowners.

The site was launched by a collaboration of New England organizations focusing on farmland access issues. The new service complements local and statewide efforts to match new farmers with available land.

Access to farmland has been identified as one of the most pressing concerns facing the agricultural community. Learn more on NewEnglandFarmlandFinder.org.

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