2012-07-12 / Letters to the Editor

Thank you for help in time of need

On June 14, what I thought was a modest illness suddenly became a major one. I experienced fever, personal confusion, and the inability to stand or walk. My wife, Maribeth, called the EMS and I was promptly taken to Newport Hospital.

Some of the EMS folks knew me and I was grateful when they spoke my name and offered encouragement. I expected my time at Newport Hospital would be two or three days, but I wound up staying there for two weeks, working with a whole new battery of specialists.

The villain in the experience was an infection called ehrlichiosis, which is related to the presence of ticks. It is hard to diagnosis, treat and expel from the human body. It may be accompanied by other maladies, in my case including double pneumonia and difficulties in leg circulation.

I was not always what the hospital would call a model patient. On one occasion I removed equipment from my body so I could quickly reach the bathroom. One night, feeling in utter despair, I decided to try to walk home to Jamestown, leaving about 2 a.m. I made it down the hall and around the corner, but fortunately I was unable to exit the building.

Again, I am grateful for the Jamestown EMS folks and the talented staff of Newport Hospital who spent a lot of time identifying the illness and then treating it. I asked My Maker for help and often responses seemed to come both from him, and from dear family and friends, plus literally dozens of neighbors, colleagues and others who said prayers, visited, emailed, telephoned, sent cards and brought food. Thank you so much. More than once I have been moved to tears by your care and comforting.

My recuperation is slow, but I will get well again. Thank you and God bless.

Jim Traer Intrepid Lane Jamestown

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