2012-07-19 / Letters to the Editor

Community makes fireworks possible

The Rocket ’hogs – Bob Bailey, Kerry Sheehan and I – would like to thank the many people who make Jamestown’s Independence Day fireworks so successful. Thanks to the entire Jamestown Fire Department, and particularly the crew of Marine 1; thanks to Harbormaster Sam Paterson, who I’m sure had his hands full keeping boaters safe; and special thanks to Bill Piva and Jill Goldstein at the Parks and Recreation Department who helped arrange for us to borrow chairs. Of course, we are always indebted to perhaps our greatest supporter, Trish at Mc- Quade’s. Thanks, Trish!

Thank you to the Jamestown Police Department who dealt with large volumes of people in such an efficient way. Finally, thank you to the Jamestown Community Band under the direction of Bethany Clarke – your performance leading into the first barrage of shells is always my favorite part of the fireworks.

The Independence Day fireworks are successful because of the support of the people of Jamestown. The Rocket ’hogs are extremely thankful to everyone who mailed in a check, bought a T-shirt on weekend mornings at Jamestown Hardware, or dropped loose change into one of our buckets at McQuade’s or Jamestown Wine & Spirits.

We are the Rocket ’hogs, and if you keep sending us your money, we’ll keep blowing it up! We’ll see you downtown next summer on July 6. And yes, we’ll be back on the barge.

Gregg Charest Sail Street Jamestown

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