2012-07-19 / Letters to the Editor

Council discussion on Fort Getty ‘appalling’

As a frequent visitor and lover of Jamestown, I attended the Town Council meeting July 16 to hear the discussion about the future of Fort Getty – a treasured resource to be used and enjoyed by those who live there and the town’s visitors.

What I heard appalled me: a discussion among the Town Council on micromanaging the toilets, trailer parking, etc. I did not hear a vision of what could be done to balance all needs. For boat users, open-space advocates, art school students, sailors and nature lovers – trailer park or not.

Certainly our world is different from when the Fort Getty Master Plan was formed in 2005. Experts in different fields need to take the best from the old plan with a vision to suit the needs of citizens today. Energy and water footprints are much more important now, and more people are enjoying “staycations” out of necessity. Things have changed since years ago when this plan was formed.

In addition, it is clear that the fi- nancial aspects of the park are not entirely clear with what the actual costs would be to Jamestown, projected and real. Now is the time for leadership and vision for the future of Fort Getty. This island, which I admire so much, deserves that.

Phoebe Driscoll Kennett Square, Penn.

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