2012-07-19 / Letters to the Editor

Volunteer group would help preserve island

We enjoy our summer sailing visits to Narragansett Bay – Dutch Harbor being one of our favorite stops. Dutch Harbor Boat Yard has been greatly improved under the new management.

We enjoy our walks through Jamestown and we also like to visit Dutch Island. We were concerned this year to find Dutch Island’s paths and walkways totally impassable. The only people using the island appear to be teenagers camping out and drinking beer. There are many communities who have volunteer groups who adopt “local treasures,” preserving their natural beauty. Dutch Island – with its fort and trails – could be maintained by a local group, with each member dedicating about 40 hours per year. Perhaps a school class, Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop. Or some other volunteer group could adopt the on-going care of one of Jamestown’s special treasures.

Al Sparrow Eastport, N.Y.

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