2012-07-19 / News

Deadline to replace cesspools extended

The state Department of Environmental Management recently announced that several amendments to regulations for onsite wastewater treatment systems have taken effect. The changes are designed to protect coastal salt ponds and provide relief to property owners by not requiring the replacement of treatment systems as part of modest home-improvement projects.

The amendments follow a series of discussions initiated by Rep. Donna Walsh, who formed a taskforce of local community officials to study the issues. One amendment extends the deadline for replacing non-failing cesspools near the coastline or other tidal waters to Jan. 1, 2014. In addition, the rules extend the deadline until 2020 for replacing non-failing cesspools in areas where sewer extension projects are planned, consistent with the revised Cesspool Act of 2007.

“By working cooperatively with the legislators and municipal offi cials, we were able to draft a revised set of regulations that are less burdensome to property owners in the critical salt pond management areas and will hopefully lead to better, less expensive technology solutions in the future,” said DEM Director Janet Coit.

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