2012-07-26 / Letters to the Editor

Town Council not governing effectively

The Town Council’s July 16 meeting was an excruciating display of “micromisman agement.” After generously listening to comments from the floor, the councilors presented a litany of their “ideas” that only served to prove that they prefer to flaunt their myopia than listen to the people.

Their “vision” for the town’s only waterfront park is limited to keeping or slightly reducing the more than 100 RV campsites, moving around soil (which is very expensive), reconfiguring a parking lot (which requires complex calculations), and tinkering with the locations of RVs and picnic tables.

This pathetic fiddling reflects a gross disregard for the views of anyone who doesn’t share the council’s reactionary “business-as-usual” position.

During the meeting, it disregarded the advice of the consultant it hired, thereby consigning that investment to the trash heap. They persist in ignoring findings of the charrette, in which 100 registered voters participated. They say its findings are “flawed” because of the small turnout, thereby insulting all the residents who gave up a schoolnight evening to share their views.

The council has decided that it only can see what is best for the park. It decided to move forward with its ideas to design the bathrooms and parking lots, which was all they managed to agree on. The councilors are determined to make decisions that will bind the future of Fort Getty to their faulty vision without a professional, well-thoughtout master plan.

They acknowledged that the one thing they know to be sure is that, “In politics, you cannot please everyone.” This is especially true when our elected officials pretend to be landscape designers and engineers, and threaten to resolve an issue by compressing it and moving it over to the side. Is that what they were elected to do for the town?

According to the Town Charter, the council’s powers are limited to enacting, amending or repealing ordinances; setting policies; appointing personnel; and adopting budgets. Why do you suppose the decision to purchase farmland for open space was put before the voters in a special town meeting?

The people of Jamestown need to know that four of the five councilors are overstepping the charter as well as their professional capabilities.

Jemma Craig Fort Getty Road Jamestown

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