2012-08-09 / Letters to the Editor

Camping builds great friendships, memories

I read with great interest Jan Whitford’s letter to the editor (Letters, “Fort Getty should be affordable for nonelite,” Aug. 2). I am a camper and agree with him whole-heartedly. Mr. James Thompson stated that we should throw out 50 percent of the campers and keep the other half and charge them $10,000 per season (Letters, “Easy solution is to cut RV sites, increase rent,” July 26). That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a while.

My husband and I wanted to try camping. We bought an old converted bus and started camping with our two young children. We went many places and had great times and wonderful memories. Our kids met so many friends, and they talk about it to this day. It was also something we could afford at that moment, compared to the cost of hotel rooms and restaurant bills. I had my third child much later, and we scooped up our baby and we all went camping. We enjoyed this so much we bought another coach. (Thinking ahead about our retirement.)

Our oldest son got married at St. Mark, and our camping friends from Connecticut went to Fort Getty for the weekend. They enjoyed the campground and being by the water – we take the ocean for granted because we see it every day. Our friends saw our son grow up, and said they would not miss it. We have good friends in Jamestown, but our camping friends are very special to us.

My opinion is, if we have a demand for campers, let them come and enjoy our island. I know they go to McQuade’s and visit the other merchants on the island. We do the same thing when we go camping in the towns we visit. This is great revenue for the businesses in Jamestown.

Let’s keep the campers here, so families that love to camp can have great memories, and older couples can enjoy their retirement.

Barbara Stroud
Clinton Avenue

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