2012-08-09 / Letters to the Editor

Council shouldn’t let Fort Getty ‘spoil’

Thank you to Jan Whitford for his letter about Fort Getty (Letters, “Fort Getty should be affordable for nonelite,” Aug. 2). I have camped with my family all over the United States and Canada. Mr. Whitford is right about the campground. We have bad electrical, really bad water, no sewage hookup, and no activities for children.

But yes, we have a beautiful view, a charming town to spend our time and money, and saltwater fishing. Let’s not forget the best pastime of a kid catching crabs off the dock, and most of all, wonderful families and friends to spend our summers with.

I started camping more than 50 years ago. I am now 51 and will continue camping. My parents, children and grandchildren have all enjoyed Fort Getty and we want to continue to enjoy it. I read an article in a newspaper from Ellsworth, Maine, about a place that the local people enjoyed so much that they wanted to share it with everyone. So they opened a campground so that all families – no matter what income – can enjoy what they felt was so important and beautiful.

How can anyone not want to share something so beautiful? Think about it. You have 50 pounds of the best chocolate ever made, and it brings great joy to all that eats it. Will you give some to others, or keep it for yourself? Please note that the chocolate will spoil in one hour. What would you do?

May you not let Fort Getty spoil.

Sandy Benoit
Paxton, Mass.

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