2012-08-30 / News

Officials need help from townspeople

Town Administrator Bruce Keiser and Police Chief Ed Mello are looking for help from residents who may have seen who is responsible for destroying public property and clearing brush and trees from a public right-of-way in the Hull Cove area.

The trail off Beavertail Road that leads down to Hull Cove was illegally altered without town or state assent sometime in late July. What was once an armslength path surrounded by coastal wetlands has become a dirt road wide enough to fit a truck through. The new driveway leads to a Walton Street lot owned by Ed Andrade Jr., but nobody has come forward and admitted that they are responsible.

Keiser asks that any islanders who saw the work being completed should call him at 423- 7201 or Mello at 423-1714. He says any information would be appreciated.

Because coastal wetlands were destroyed in the incident, the Coastal Resources Management Council is looking to seek a lawsuit against the party responsible. If town officials can’t charge someone with the crime, the CRMC make seek litigation against the town itself.

Along with the path being destroyed, an iron gate was constructed with a sign reading, “Private driveway.” Through adverse possession, the town claims it owns the property.

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