2012-09-06 / Front Page

From the bottom up: Challengers sweep primary

The five Democratic challengers for Town Council were victorious in their attempt to unseat the four incumbent Democrats who currently sit on the council.

George Levesque, Mary Meagher, Gene Mihaly, Thomas Tighe and Kristine Trocki handily won the primary on Sept. 11. The five will now be the Democratic candidates that voters may choose to elect to the Town Council in November’s general election. The four Democrats on the losing end were Bob Bowen, Bill Murphy, Mike Schnack and Mike White.

Also on the ballot in November will be Republicans Blake Dickinson and Paul Sprague, and Independents Dan Capuano, William Harsch and Evan Katz. Ellen Winsor, the only incumbent who will be on November’s ticket, is also an Independent.

The final results were Trocki, 824; Meagher, 790; Mihaly, 654; Levesque, 596; Tighe, 590; White, 396; Murphy, 370; Schnack, 308; and Bowen, 266. A total of 1,078 registered voters went to the polls. There are 62 absentee ballots that have yet to be counted, but they will not have any effect on the outcome.

In the only other primary on the ticket, incumbent David Cicilline defeated Anthony Gemma to win the Democratic nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives.

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