2012-09-13 / Letters to the Editor

Dedication of Ft. Getty trail is well deserved

The Valmont “Bucky” Caswell path – what a wonderful honor and tribute to a man who has volunteered 70 years of service to the town of Jamestown. Jamestowners are so fortunate to have such a dedicated group of men who give of their time and talents to help protect us.

I can only image the number of times Mr. Caswell responded to brush fires throughout his 70 years. Along with his fellow firefighters, they would quickly control and extinguish fires to save the land from devastation. How many house fires where embers blowing on a windy night were fought by these brave men, staying until all the hot spots were put out?

Yes, Mr. Caswell was instrumental in installing fire-alarm systems and stringing miles of cable for alarm purposes. Mr. Caswell and his partner Dalton Brownell not only strung cables, but they maintained these cables by hours and hours of branch and vine removal.

I will look forward to walking on the Valmont “Bucky” Caswell path. When I do, I hope that I not only reflect on the beauty of our island, but I take time to think about Bucky and his lifelong love of Jamestown and the Volunteer Fire Department.

Kathy Brownell
Conanicus Avenue

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