2012-09-13 / Letters to the Editor

Rock shares memories across generations

News that the boulder at East Ferry may be destroyed traveled instantly to me in Baltimore, Md., and I echo the call to spare that rock (“Boulder at East Ferry could be demolished,” Sept. 6).

Growing up in Jamestown that rock was my imaginary fire engine with which I joined the volunteer brigade in keeping the island safe. You can chart my growth by the shadows I cast upon the rock in family portraits.

And my son, now 4, visits the rock as often as we return to visit grandma and grandpa, who still live on Pemberton Avenue. To him, the rock is a pirate ship from which he fires cannons at the anchored and passing ships. He demands a walk down Narragansett Avenue to the rock as part of our routine when visiting. The ritual reconnects us to the island and creates a shared memory across generations. Although, he does not think the rock could ever be a fire engine.

It might be that the expense of saving the rock does not make sense for a public budget, but I hope we all find a way to commemorate a piece of the island that we took for granted would never change.

Adam Donaldson
Baltimore, Md.

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