2012-09-13 / Letters to the Editor

Women’s club needs members to continue

The Jamestown Women’s Club was founded in 1971 and has been a way for women to give back to our community. We have consistently been involved in programs supporting community life in Jamestown by using our only fundraising project – the Jamestown Telephone Directory.

This money goes to run and sponsor programs such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt, which has been held for 41 years, rain or shine; the adopt-a-family program; towards refreshments at the tree lighting; high school senior scholarships; the Summer Concert Series; the Rocket ’hogs; the Jack-o’-Lantern Jog; and toward sports teams.

We have made donations toward the van for seniors and teens, Jamestown EMS Ambulance Fund, Seaside Fam- ily Cruise at Fort Getty, benches, wagons and computers for the senior groups in town. The Jamestown Women’s Club is always receiving requests to help sponsor individuals and programs throughout Jamestown. Please look at Page 2 of the Jamestown 2012 phonebook to see just a few of our many service projects we have helped with.

Because of our small membership, we may have to cancel some of the activities we sponsor. We are not asking for a huge commitment, just for you to join and pick a program you would like to help with. Through social and fundraising events, we strive to enhance the quality of community life in Jamestown – and I think the past 41 years have proven this.

Please help us keep our Jamestown family traditions going and join us at our next meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 18, from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Jamestown Philomenian Library. If you can’t make the meeting, call me at 423-0025 to discuss how you can help.

Cindy Smith

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