2012-09-20 / Letters to the Editor

New voter ID law is ‘ageist, racist and cruel’

How can it happen in this state? How can we have been asleep when a law was passed that required us to show identification to vote? The General Assembly sneaked this one by us.

I have been bothered for weeks about this disgrace. The law is ageist, racist and cruel. We all know that there is no voter fraud, yet we have this law that says we have to stop it. Stop what? Something that doesn’t exist? The law can only be interpreted as an effort to exclude people from voting.

My dad, a World War II veteran who fought with Patton’s Army, does not have an ID. He is in a health-care facility. He has no state ID. He cannot go get one by himself. It could be done for him, but why?

Is what our representatives thought was that everyone with a relative that can’t get an ID can have it done for them? What about those elders that don’t have someone to do it for them?

On Sept. 11, I voted in the primary in Jamestown. As I walked in I thought of my dad.

When I got to the desk and the clerk asked for ID, I refused to give one. I told her I have one in my pocket but I refuse to show it in solidarity with my dad and all the others that cannot get proper ID.

As I told my friends what I did, they told me of others that also refused to show ID. I am not alone.

Ernie Savastano
Cole Street

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