2012-11-01 / Editorial


Cast your ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 6

Election Day is just about here. Jamestowners will be faced with a large ballot when they go to the polls on Tuesday. We will elect a new five-member Town Council and choose three members for the School Committee. There is only one candidate running for the town moderator post.

Islanders will also elect a senator and a representative to the state General Assembly.

And, voters will be asked to select a U.S. senator, a U.S. representative and a president.

There are also seven referendums to be decided.

We applaud all the candidates, win or lose.

In Jamestown, we are fortunate to have so many volunteers who are dedicated to public service. Without these volunteers, our local government would not function quite as well. Running for public office is an admirable feat. Those who serve on the Town Council and the School Committee put in countless and thankless hours.

The Jamestown Press does not endorse local candidates. In this issue of the Press we present statements from the candidates in the Town Council, School Committee and State House races. We ask that you vote for those individuals who you think will do the best job for the community as a whole.

Please take the time to vote on Tuesday.

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