2012-11-01 / Editorial

Islanders recover from Hurricane Sandy

As we prepare to publish this issue of the Jamestown Press, islanders are cleaning after the big brush this week with Hurricane Sandy.

In many neighborhoods one can hear the sounds of generators humming away. Chainsaws are buzzing. Scattered areas of the island remained without electricity as of Wednesday afternoon. It was late Tuesday when power was restored to the Jamestown Press office, allowing us to scramble and get this edition of the paper published on time.

We’re thankful that the storm damage in Jamestown was limited. Yes, there were many trees that were toppled by the high winds. There was some flooding along the waterfront. But things could have been much worse. Just take a look at New York City and points south that took a direct hit from Hurricane Sandy.

Storms like Hurricane Sandy – one of the largest on record – keep us in awe of Mother Nature’s raw power. It also reminds us of the changes happening to our global climate.

— Jeff McDonough

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