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Trocki, Meagher will sit on new Town Council

Unofficial results: Outstanding absentee ballots could impact outcome

More than 3,200 islanders went to the polls Tuesday. With approximately 375 absentee votes remaining to be counted, it seems only Democrats Kristine Trocki and Mary Meagher are guaranteed a spot on the new Town Council.

After the Jamestown polls closed Tuesday evening, Trocki led the way with 2,017 votes, and Meagher finished second with 1,712. The absentee ballots yet to be counted could affect the outcome of the other three council seats.

If the trend continues, Democrat Tom Tighe, with 1,365 votes, and Democrat Gene Mihaly, with 1,328, will join their running mates on the council. With the fifth Democratic candidate George Levesque garnering only 1,098 votes, it seems likely that either a Republican or Independent will take the fifth council seat.

Although unofficial, Republican Blake Dickinson would take the fifth seat with 1,277 votes. Following Dickinson is incumbent Independent Ellen Winsor with 1,209 votes and Republican Paul Sprague with 1,202 votes. Independent Bill Harsch finished with 1,152 votes and Independent Dan Capuano received 1,103 votes.

In the race for School Committee, incumbent Democrat Cathy Kaiser received 2,130 votes and incumbent Democrat Julia Held earned 2,044 votes. Both are expected to be re-elected. In the race for the third school committee seat, Democrat Ryan Conlon is leading Republican Lowell Thomas, 1,789 to 1,544.

If it were up to Jamestown, both seats at the State House would be out of range even if the challengers swept the absentee ballots. Incumbent Democrat Deb Ruggiero defeated Republican Anthony Mastrostefano 2,121 to 993 votes. Senate President Democrat Teresa Paiva Weed just as easily defeated Republican Geoff Cook 2,061 to 1,073. Yet to be counted are Middletown and Newport voters.

In Congress, Jamestown residents voted incumbent Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse over Republican Barry Hinckley for U.S. senator, 1,874 to 1,171.

Incumbent Democrat David Cicilline received 1,485 votes, while Republican Brendan Doherty received 1,442. Independent David Vogel came in third with 249 votes. Both races depend on many other voters outside of Jamestown.

Jamestown voters also approved the two controversial referendums on the ballot. Question 1 and Question 2 asked if table games should be played at Twin River and Newport Grand, respectively. The Twin River referendum passed 1,879 to 1,214; Question 2 passed 1,769 to 1,323.

Jamestown voters chose President Barack Obama over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, 1,965 to 1,209.

According to Canvassing Clerk Karen Montoya, it is not known when the absentee votes will be counted since the secretary of state’s office in Providence is responsible. She said it could be at 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, or sometime later in the afternoon.

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