2012-11-01 / Letters to the Editor

‘Hats off ’ to Phyllis from new Trat owner

I would like to extend my deep appreciation and many thanks to Phyllis Bedard of Trattoria Simpatico. I met Phyllis through a mutual friend, Amy Barclay, last winter and had the pleasure of dining more than once at the restaurant. After discovering her desire to perhaps retire, and my hope to discover a new business venture, we came to an agreement.

I am extraordinarily grateful to Phyllis for her efforts over the past 20 years to build a wonderful restaurant, as well as the positive impact she has had the Jamestown community. Her hard work, dedication and commitment to growing the restaurant now provide me the opportunity to continue her success.

I would also like to thank Cliff Dimon and the dedicated staff for supporting Simpatico and making Phyllis’ restaurant one of the best in Rhode Island. Much of the staff has been there for many years, and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Some renovations are planned in which I hope to balance Phyllis’ keen sense of ambience and festive surroundings with upgrades to make the older building more efficient, safer and easier to maintain while maintaining the incredible appeal.

Finally, hats off to Phyllis in celebrating 20 years of community service and business achievements with the tremendous success of the recent 11th annual Joseph Sindoni Jr. auction benefi tting children with cancer.

I wish Phyllis all the best in her future adventures.

Ben Brayton

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