2012-11-01 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to Trat owner for 20 years of business

Trattoria Simpatico is expected to be sold on Nov. 1. At 20 years old, our popular neighborhood restaurant has closed its doors. It will reopen under a new owner in several months after renovations have been made.

There are many of us who already are feeling a great loss. The Trat has been a place for great food, but in addition, it has embraced an atmosphere, which has helped to create new friendships and strengthen others. Some kind of magic has existed that has enabled people to gather, laugh, listen to wonderful music, and to relax. The magic, I feel, has included the wonderful staff, the ambience, the menus that can accommodate many budgets, and of course, the owner, Phyllis Bedard, who cares about each of her customers and staff. Many have gathered around in the bar area, joining Phyllis, as owner and friend, or at tables with Phyllis visiting and asking how the food is and inquiring as to what she can do to make their visit even better. Then there is the side of Phyllis who donates what she can to charitable organizations, opens her restaurant to charity fundraisers, and assists individuals during hard times.

So, now I would like to thank Phyllis for that magic. I wish good luck to the new owners. hope that the renovations contribute to what we already have loved about our Trattoria for so many years, a respite from a busy day, a place to see friends, a place to meet new people, and a place where everyone can feel comfortable.

Many of us have grown just a little older together at the Trat. We have been aware of one another’s successes, and helped each other through our less than successes. We have grown wrinkles, become ill, cried about our losses, cheered one another, talked about the thrills and chills of our children, the stresses of local political campaigns and also national ones, arguing or agreeing through Presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama, while eating anything from a burger to filet mignon.

Trattoria Simpatico has been an important chapter in our lives and the center and the force behind of all it has been Phyllis. Thank you, kind lady, for making such a positive chapter in our lives.

Mary Wright
Highland Drive

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