2012-11-01 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to community for supporting events

I would like to publicly thank the Jamestown community, and in particular the Jamestown Conservation Commission, for their support of the Rhode Island Natural History Survey’s programs over the past six months.

Last week the Conservation Commission hosted one of our Gould lectures at the library, where a panel of DEM experts and others discussed the state’s program of open space and farm-land preservation. The audience, which engaged in the discussion, was full of thoughtful, warm-hearted folks including many of the farmers and conservationists behind Jamestown’s own notable conservation successes.

The evening was a wonderful follow-up to the generous welcome the Rhode Island Natural History Survey received when we held our 13th annual BioBlitz event along North Road in June.

Preserving the landscapes and natural spaces that define a community brings a community together and reinforces and recreates for the next generation the shared values that make a place special to its residents, as our experience in Jamestown demonstrates.

David Gregg
Executive director
Rhode Island Natural History

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