2012-11-01 / News

State receives $3 million for seawall repair

Gov. Lincoln Chafee announced Wednesday that the U.S. Department of Transportation approved the quick release of $3 million in emergency relief funds for Rhode Island. The funds, which will help the state begin repairs to infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Sandy, were granted in response to a letter of intent sent by the Chafee administration Tuesday afternoon following an assessment of damage to federal-aid infrastructure.

“Some of our most important infrastructure, including seawalls that protect communities from surging seas, was damaged in this storm,” said Chafee. “The swift release of this federal funding will help us take quick action to begin these projects and put Rhode Islanders to work on needed repairs. This is another indication that the Obama administration is committed to helping affected states recover from this destructive storm.”

The DOT’s action follows President Barack Obama’s call for federal agencies to act quickly and bring all available resources to bear as quickly as possible. It also builds on the disaster assistance for a number of affected states over the past several days.

The $3 million represents 100 percent of Rhode Island’s immediately requested funds. In addition to these funds, Rhode Island will be eligible for further aid or reimbursements for infrastructure repairs. The state’s request was among the first, along with that of New York, to arrive at the federal agency.

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