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Trocki, Meagher, Tighe, Mihaly and Tighe confirmed council winners

State Board of Elections makes vote count official with absentee ballots tally

After two days of counting more than 25,000 absentee ballots, the state Board of Elections today released the official results to the 2012 general election. Elected to the Town Council were Democrats Kristine Trocki, Mary Meagher, Tom Tighe and Gene Mihaly, and Republican Blake Dickinson.

The same five candidates who led after polls closed Tuesday night held on to win, despite 400 outstanding absentee votes. Final results for Town Council were Trocki (2,236), Meagher (1,914), Tighe (1,517), Mihaly (1,488), Dickinson (1,392), incumbent Independent Ellen Winsor (1,331), Republican Paul Sprague (1,318), Democrat George Levesque (1,278), Independent Bill Harsch (1,244) and Independent Dan Capuano (1,187).

Following Tuesday’s unofficial results, Dickinson had a 68-vote lead over Winsor and a 75-vote advantage over Sprague. Both gained some ground over Dickinson today with the addition of absentee ballots, but not nearly enough to take the fifth seat.

Evan Katz, who withdrew from the race but was still on the ballot, received 383 votes. There were also 34 write-in votes.

Likewise, the three candidates for School Committee who were leading when polls closed Tuesday also held on to win. Incumbent Democrats Cathy Kaiser and Julia Held received 2,359 and 2,272 votes respectively, and running mate Ryan Conlon took the third seat with 1,966 votes. Republican Lowell Thomas lost his bid for office. He received 1,689 votes.

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