2012-11-08 / Letters to the Editor

Small summer homes aren’t fishing shacks

The article from Oct. 25 titled “Board approves variances for proposal similar to Osprey House” needs some explanation and history background. It refers to narrow lots on East Shore Road at Cranston Cove that were “mainly fishing shacks until Osprey House.”

These summer cottages belonged to the younger generation of a Cranston family of George and Florence Wright, who also owned most of the land on the west side of East Shore Road between Carr Lane and Wright Lane. The road received its name because the Wrights donated the land to the town when Commerce Oil and the bank holding the properties north of Wright Lane divided the area for house lots. They were also one of the courageous Jamestowners who signed the petition against building the refinery on our island. Jamestown is fortunate that the refi nery never came to be.

The cottages mentioned in the article were never fishing shacks. None of the Wright families living there in the summers were fishermen in my 50 years I have known the family. Virginia Wright, a librarian in the Cranston schools, in the summer liked to read her books by the brook and willow tree that was there before Osprey House was built. Their daughters and grandchildren enjoyed their vacations there, too. So please, no more descriptions of modest summer places on the island as fishing shacks.

Alena Caldarone
East Shore Road

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