2012-11-15 / Letters to the Editor

Congratulations to newly elected council

I want to offer congratulations and best wishes to the winners of Nov. 6 election. I have every confi dence that Kristine Trocki, Mary Meagher, Tom Tighe, Gene Mihaly and Blake Dickinson will serve the town of Jamestown well over the next two years.

I also want to thank those Jamestowners who honored me with their vote, as well as those who took the time to discuss with me the issues facing them and the town. The courtesy that I received as I went door to door was very much appreciated. That experience gives me great confidence in the future of our town.

Based on these discussions, I became convinced that the Jamestown community would benefit greatly from having a homestead exemption to assure the future well-being of our permanent residents. I expect to continue my efforts on behalf of this initiative to make Jamestown more affordable for those who represent the heart of our community and to reverse the trend of pricing hard-working and contributing residents out.

Bill Harsch
Westwood Road

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