2012-11-22 / Letters to the Editor

Criticism ‘appropriate’ for not attending event

Lee White knows only too well the sacrifices imposed on those who serve or have served in the military and the difficulties that their families also face. Her father was a prisoner of war and her husband Mike was seriously injured during his service in Vietnam. Her thanks to those who organized the Veterans Day service held at East Ferry and her criticism of the those, including the town councilors elect, who did not participate in the event, was well founded (Letters, “New councilors should have attended Sunday,” Nov. 15).

As one of those town councilorselect, I think Lee’s criticism is appropriate. Her words resonated for me, not just because of my new responsibility, but as a citizen and the daughter of a World War II veteran. I suspect my mother would have said something quite similar. Our veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces deserve our respect and thanks. Attendance at a service honoring them is the least we can do.

I would note that councilor-elect Blake Dickinson helps the veterans maintain the grass at the square and at least one other town councilorelect was out of town on Veterans Day. For myself, acknowledging mistakes is a first step towards correcting them. I regret that I did not attend the memorial. And I thank Lee White for her reminder of my responsibility as public official and a citizen.

Mary Meagher
Town Council
Narragansett Avenue

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