2012-12-06 / Letters to the Editor

Deer population needs to be reduced on island

I was thinking of a way to thin down the deer herd on the island. Have the town supply tranquilizer guns to the hunters, and they would be paid a bounty for each deer. They could put the deer into a corral made by the town. When deer begin to accumulate in the corral, they can have a farmer called to bring a cattle truck and haul them to a state park. This would be maintained each year.

The animals are nice to see, but they have become a health hazard. I average four to 10 deer a night in my yard. Each time they walk or graze in your yard, they can drop thousands of ticks. The ticks can become dormant and survive six months or more. If they find warm blood, they can live another six months. They roam all over the yard. In my yard, we no longer sit or play on our lawn. Your pets can also suffer from this. How do you tell a pet not to lie down on the grass?

The deer herd should be less than 100 in order to be able to enjoy this wonderful island. This is a serious situation. Personally, I have been dealing with Lyme disease for 11 years. Some people don’t realize that it can affect you neurologically, also causing severe facial paralysis, stiffness of the neck, and constant headaches. Lyme disease never leaves. It can re-occur at anytime. It leaves devastating aftereffects. Please consider this option for deer removal. The benefit would outweigh the cost.

Richard Medeiros
Seaside Drive

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