2012-12-13 / Letters to the Editor

Fort Getty RV park not worthy of higher fees

OK, so Mary Meagher does not want the campground but she wants the money. I am sorry, but if you are a camper, you know what a good campground is – and that is not Fort Getty.

The town should hire someone that knows how to run a campground. We go because of our friends and family. For $3,750 per site, we get smelly, dirty water, electricity that can’t run a coffee pot and microwave at the same time, and we pay to have the sewage taken away.

For $2,900 per season, a campground not far from Fort Getty has a pool, waterslide, fishing pond, clean water, metered electricity and sewage. You also leave the camper year round with your deck. The season is April to November.

From one of the reports, the town wants to put a fence up around the campers at Fort Getty. So much for a view.

If Jamestown does not want the campground, just close it. Stop playing games. Just add the taxes to the homeowners in town. You have a group that doesn’t mind paying more. Then you can force the middle and lower income off the island because that will be all that is left to pick on.

Sandy Benoit
Paxton, Mass.

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