2012-12-20 / Editorial

It’s time for reform of gun control laws

Last week’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., has brought our nation to a tipping point over the gun control issue.

By now we all know what happened – a deranged gunman allegedly shot his way into the school and killed 20 young students and six of their teachers before killing himself. It was a horrific loss of life – senseless and needless.

Now we are hearing a growing drumbeat for a much needed reform of our nation’s gun control laws. The rhetoric among the politicians leads one to believe that just maybe this time the road block in Congress might be averted long enough to accomplish something meaningful.

The first place is to start is by re-enacting the assault weapons ban that was lifted in 2004. After that, we need to tighten the restrictions on who is allowed to purchase a gun.

But the debate should not only be about gun control. We need to address the unfortunate state of mental health care.

It has brought to light that in this country it is easier to purchase an assault rifle than it is to obtain mental health treatment.

The public needs to keep the pressure on our politicians. Don’t let them wiggle out of this one.

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