2012-12-20 / Letters to the Editor

Police help comfort concerned parent

On Dec. 17, as I got ready for work, television news started to show the photos of the innocent children and teachers that lost their lives in the horrific shootings in Newton, Conn. As my wife readied my young child for school, I suddenly realized how totally helpless I was to protect my child.

I decided to drive to the elementary school hoping to see a police car out front. Trying to regain some composure, I called the Jamestown Police Department. I am sure they were concerned about me, as I struggled to verbalize my worries about school safety that morning. Fortunately there was a calm officer fielding the call.

I was reassured and comforted to know that the police had mobilized extra officers that day to protect the most prized possessions of our island – our children. I commend the Jamestown Police Department for the professional and discreet manner in which they reacted to the tragedy and prepared for any possible repercussions.

Niles Wilcox
Seaside Drive

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