2013-01-10 / News

Farrell resigns from Harbor Commission

Harbor Commissioner Jake Farrell announced his resignation Tuesday morning citing a new job as the reason for his notice.

“It is with regret that I must resign as a member of your commission,” Farrell wrote in an email addressed to members of the Harbor Commission, as well as to the department’s executive director, Police Chief Ed Mello. Farrell said he accepted a job that will keep him off the island for months at a time, which would not allow him to fulfill his obligations as a board member.

“I have enjoyed my time with you and hope you can continue to protect the waterfront and its revenues from the general fund,” he wrote.

Farrell, a former Newport harbormaster, was introduced as a member of the Harbor Commission on March 14 last year. Remaining members are Chairman Mike de Angeli, David Cain, Larry Eichler, Pat Bolger, Chris Brown and Ed McGuirl.

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