2013-01-17 / Letters to the Editor

Mackerel Cove parking should not be purged

Regarding recent pronouncements by the Conservation Commission, we strenuously object to its plan to eliminate most of the beach parking and possibly relocate some of it to the Sheffi eld Cove side.

Beach patrons will fan out into the abutting neighborhoods further aggravating congestion and litter problems. That is already happening because hundreds have found the way to cheat Jamestown out of the $15 daily fee, something my wife and I can attest to. We have supplied documentation to that effect to the town administrator, have suggested a viable solution and requested relief from these freeloaders, but he has not responded.

This ill-devised plan to save the environment must be squashed in its infancy. The beach presents a broadside to the open Atlantic. It will be inundat- ed periodically by hurricanes as it has been by the 41 that have made landfall in New England in past centuries. It is a futile attempt to control the powers of nature and is eclipsed only by another councilapproved boondoggle that met its demise – the building of the beach pavilion and bathhouses in 1928. They were originally built on the Sheffield Cove side, but belatedly realizing that children would be hit by the increasing traffic going to the popular Beavertail Country Club, it was moved to the ocean side.

Doesn’t it occur to any of our commissioners that our kids will suffer the same fate from cars zooming around the blind curve from Southwest Avenue? Also, hardly anyone stops at the stop sign coming down Hamilton Avenue.

The beach belongs to the ocean, which lets us use it at our peril and every so often exercises its dominion over that low-lying sandbar.

We implore you not to succumb to the self-styled experts who would not only reduce the town’s income, but also spend tax dollars to implement their naive plan of saving this beach.

With the allegedly rising sea levels, this finger-in-the-dike charade is a moot point.

History has proven that it is destined for failure and as this short video shows, history will repeat itself: YouTube.com/watch?v=f35i hllKUVs&feature=youtu.be.

Frank Meyer
Southwest Avenue

The above letter was addressed to members of the Town Council and was copied to the Jamestown Press.

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