2013-01-17 / News

State will begin accepting tax returns next week

The Rhode Island Division of Taxation will begin accepting personal income-tax returns as scheduled on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

Calculation of the Rhode Island personal income tax starts with federal adjusted gross income, which is found on the front of the federal return. Thus, many filers of Rhode Island returns will not be able to complete their state returns until they do their federal returns.

The IRS said recently that the federal filing season will not start until Jan. 30, about eight days later than previously estimated.

Some Rhode Island taxpayers may be able to calculate their federal AGI regardless of the recent changes in federal tax law, allowing them to file their Rhode Island returns as early as Jan. 22.

Some taxpayers will not be able to file their federal returns until late February or March because of more extensive form and processing changes at the IRS. This group includes people claiming federal residential energy credits, depreciation of property, or general business credits.

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