2013-01-31 / Letters to the Editor

New RITBA buildings are most impressive

I want to congratulate the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority on the impressive renovation of their administrative and service buildings in Jamestown. In my opinion, the design work done by Burgin Lambert Architects of Newport is most impressive.

The buildings now blend into and complement their seaside environment. The shingle-style exterior gives a pleasant and timeless New England character, which is a huge improvement over the former brick square box that typifies the uninspiring municipal-style architecture of the 1960s. Even the selection of the light green trim color to match the color of the bridge is a smart detail that connects all the elements together.

All too often bad architecture can scar a landscape for decades as the former administrative and service buildings reminded us. As a resident of Jamestown and someone who crosses the Pell Bridge multiple times daily, I am pleased that the Turnpike and Bridge Authority took the bold move to invest in this project and to do it right. At a time when many building projects are done without proper budgeting and with no consideration of style and community character, I think it is refreshing to see the detail given to designing these classic shinglestyle buildings which are so visual to millions of residents and visitors.

As part of the larger user group that pays for the care of two bridges (the Pell and Mount Hope bridges), I am glad to see that the funds I expend daily to cross the Pell Bridge have been invested in an attractive, functional and meaningful way.

Evan Smith
America Way

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