2013-01-31 / Letters to the Editor

Not everyone thinks its time for gay marriage

I have some thoughts I would like to share concerning your Jeff McDonough’s editorial in last week’s issue of the Jamestown Press (“Time to allow same-sex marriage”).

Wouldn’t one think that an issue that had to be brought to a vote over and over for 10 years, losing the vote every year, is maybe not something everyone believes it is ”time for”? Could it be that there is a strong agenda to push the issue by politically connected and wealthy people, who do not represent the majority?

It seems the pro-gay marriage crowd wants to keep all dialog on an emotional level, one rarely sees a estimate of the financial costs gay marriage will bring on our government’s already crippling fi- nancial situation.

Last thought, when we are unable to determine that there are differences between the sexes, what less obvious distinctions will elude us? Discernment and reason need a place in our society.

Brian Gardner
Port Avenue

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