2013-01-31 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for donation, sharing your poetry

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a poetry reading at Slice of Heaven. The poet, Teresa Murray is someone who is well known in Jamestown. She attended Jamestown schools and works at Mc- Quade’s. She is also a volunteer member of the Bridges Human Rights Committee.

Teresa’s poetry skillfully describes her connections with family, friends and community. Her reading was animated and full of captivating emotion. The reception of those in attendance was warm and appreciative, and Teresa sold quite a few copies of her book. I know this because Teresa has kindly made a donation of the profit from her sales to Bridges.

Thank you, Teresa, for sharing your poetry with us. Your generous donation will be used to encourage arts expression in people with developmental disabilities supported by Bridges.

Lisa Rafferty
Executive director
Bridges Inc.

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