2013-02-14 / Letters to the Editor

Jamestown was well prepared for blizzard

Jamestown is a great place to live, we all know that, but when the chips are down, it gets even better. During the blizzard the

Early Saturday morning, after Nemo had done its worst, I found myself negotiating snowdrifts and single-lane plow tracks to get to the Jamestown Hardware store. I hoped it would be open. I hoped Scott Sherman would have a part for a malfunctioning camp stove or a solution. Without electricity or heat, the day ahead looked bleak. No warmed-up stew. No coffee.

Looking through the door I could see the movement of familiar figures. After knocking, I was admitted to the unopened store and given full attention. There was a solution, a small repair that involved no purchase, just a bit of knowledge passed along to an appreciative customer. I later learned that Scott had actually stayed overnight in the store.

Many local businesses extend themselves to the community in times of need. I am especially grateful to the Jamestown Hardware store and plan to support them fully to ensure their continued presence in Jamestown.

Priscilla Foley Blackman
Lincoln Street

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