2013-02-21 / Letters to the Editor

Seniors, disabled need help during blizzards

This month’s blizzard certainly brought out the heroes here in Jamestown. The swift and efficient response to the major storm was remarkable, and no amount of praise is sufficient in thanking our town’s hard-working personnel, volunteers and community members for a job well done. Huzzah to you all.

Meanwhile, up on Pemberton Avenue, some folks could use a few heroes or even heroes in training. The Pemberton Place and Pemberton Apartment residents, all seniors or disabled folks, need help shoveling after snowstorms. Although the Jamestown Housing Authority has hired an excellent crew to clear the sidewalks and parking lots, residents are expected to shovel out their cars themselves.

As might be expected, due to physical limitations, most residents simply cannot comply. Others, concerned about doctor appointments, grocery runs, prescription pickups or medical treatments, risk physical complications and injury in order to shovel out their vehicles. Some residents are well into their 80s, many are frail and not mobile, yet everyone in this tightly knit and supportive community pitches in to help, doing whatever they can for their neighbors and friends. Can you help us shovel?

During the blizzard, without electricity for heat, many ground-floor apartments plunged down to a dangerous 35 degrees. Without phones to call for assistance, and most seniors unable to walk to Melrose Avenue School, those who were able to get out walked through ice, wind and snowdrifts to reach the community room – the designated emergency destination point for Pemberton residents. The emergency generator powered the lights, stove and refrigerator, but there was no heat. The emergency destination was cold. There was no heat because even though the generator ran at full capacity, it does not run the boiler. Can you help us get emergency heating into the community room?

Friends, neighbors and students, don’t miss this opportunity to become one of Jamestown’s celebrated army of heroes, heroes in training and aspiring superheroes. Jamestown’s seniors and disabled citizens need your help.

As a disclaimer, this letter expresses my own personal thoughts and feelings. It is not a complaint about the Jamestown Housing Authority or its management, who are doing an outstanding job while suffering major budget cuts and funding. This letter should not be construed as an appeal made by any party other than myself.

Cindy Peloquin
Pemberton Avenue

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