2013-02-28 / Letters to the Editor

Board shouldn’t have delayed discussion

I was stunned to see the Jamestown teachers had taken a vote of no confidence in the superintendent, and further surprised there was no reaction to it in the next two editions of the Press by parents in the form of letters.

So I will offer my 2 cents. A vote of no confidence by those closest to the daily education of our kids is a significant event. I was equally surprised to see the reaction from the School Committee to this most serious event.

According to the Press, a series of emails from the School Committee went to the teachers association asking for clarification and answers to particular questions. I would have thought the committee would have recognized the importance of the teachers’ position and immediately have a face-to-face dialogue with the teachers to get a better understanding of exactly what they are saying.

To communicate via email on such an important issue seems to show of lack of understanding of the significance of the vote by our teachers. I suggest the School Committee listen closely to the opinions and concerns of the teachers, for no one is closer to the kids and their education.

Joe Clifford
Calvert Place

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