2013-02-28 / News

Jamestown schools earn top grades in state

It seems like bad news dominates the headlines. This week good news is taking top billing. And it is good news, indeed.

This week we learned that the school earned top scores in a recent statewide standardized test. Kudos to the students, teachers and staff at the Jamestown schools. The hard work is clearly paying off.

If fact, the school district was the highest achieving one in the state in math proficiency. (This does not include charter schools.)

The test is the New England Common Assess Program which evaluates the performance of students in grades 3 through 8.

Five years ago, Jamestown students earned a combined score of 84 percent in reading. They scored 88 percent in 2012.

In math proficiency, the students really improved their numbers, going from a combined score of 77 percent five years ago to 86 percent in 2012.

For complete details on the NECAP, see the story on Page 1 of this newspaper.

With all of the changes underway in the education process, it’s good news that the dedication has paid off for the students and staff at the Jamestown School. Although there is always room for improvement, the latest NECAP scores show that Jamestown is heading in the right direction.

Teachers are being asked to do more with fewer dollars. But they are clearly on the right track.

— Jeff McDonough

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