2013-03-07 / Letters to the Editor

Fifth-graders to design town’s new police car

The Jamestown Police Department will soon be receiving a new police cruiser. This one will be different in a number of ways from the traditional police car. Last year, Ford discontinued the long-standing traditional police car, the Crown Victoria. This model had been the trusted police car since the early 1980s. Ford has instead offered the newly engineered Police Interceptor.

This new model is much smaller but adds a number of features specific to a police cruiser. The department evaluated other options including models offered by Dodge and Chevrolet. The Ford Police Interceptor is the only purpose built, all-wheel drive vehicle currently used in policing. The new model will be 20 percent more fuel efficient than the Crown Victoria. The Dodge and Chevy models continue to rely on the rear-wheel drivetrain.

Expecting the new police cruiser in the coming months, the department was faced with the challenge and opportunity to redesign and rebrand the current design shown on the traditional police car. Because of a completely new body style on the Police Interceptor, the current design would look awkward and misplaced.

So we reached out to Lawn Avenue School Principal Deb Dibiase and Stephanie Pamula, the art teacher. They were very helpful and offered the opportunity to have the fifth-grade class work on the redesign as an art project.

Last week, all fifth-grade students were presented with the project along with parameters to work within. They were asked to design what they wanted as the new Jamestown police car. The students were very excited by the prospect of their design being displayed on the new car. Their design and art project will be on display in the coming weeks at the Lawn Avenue School and the Jamestown Police Department.

The new car with its final design will be unveiled at the department’s open house scheduled for April 6. This will be a public event where the fifth-grade students will get to see their work revealed.

The details of the open house will be advertised soon, but you should mark your calendar for April 6 and stop by to meet the officers and see the new car and its design by the fifth-grade class.

Edward Mello
Chief of police

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