2013-03-07 / News of Record


Lawn Avenue School honors top students

Lawn Avenue School recently announced it Excellence in Effort, a list of its top-performing students for the semester. In the eighth grade, exemplary students were Grace Gaynor, Allison Hartley, Eliza Kallfelz, Emma Lennon, Darcy Luebbert, Jacob Maguire, Madison Maguire, Meghann Maguire, Hope Mitchell, Katelyn Palmer, Sophie Primiano, Josefina Ruggieri, Erica Smith, Bailey Thran, Camryn Wallace and Brooke Warner.

Anna Goldsmith and James Lawless earned high honors, and Chyna Dougherty was named a notable student.

In the seventh grade, exemplary students were Noah Alves, Nicholas Antonucci, Tyler Atwood, Kaitlyn Brayman, Olivia Clarke, Kathleen Flath, Matthew Freden, Farren Fuquea, Joshua Neronha, Juliana Ruggieri, Dominque Salisbury, Alisa Smith, Connor Smith and Madison Tregenza.

High-honor students were Travis Atwood, Andrew Benson, Erin Brophy, Isabel Clarkin, Jaia Colognese, Caroline Crabtree, Patrick Dierig, Moira Flath, Sara Iacovelli, Anna Landon, Helen VanCleef and Jack Westall.

Notable students in the seventh grade were Gregory Ball, Michaela Colognese, Maximilian Hubbard, Annabel O’Donnell, Mei Ella Vickers and Abigail Wolfe.

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