2013-03-14 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for making anniversary special

I would like to thank the following people for speaking at the teen center’s five-year celebration: Bill Piva, Melissa Minto, Kristine Trocki, Blake Dickinson, Debbie Bailey, Rachel O’Neill, Kate Moreau and Joan Goldstein.

I would also like to thank all the families, youth participants and supporters who came and took the time to join us in our celebration. We owe a big thank you to Anne Deffley for catering the food and to the Friends of Jamestown Youth for donating money for all refreshments.

Thank you to Jill Goldstein for helping plan and set up for this event, as well as Ron Parfitt and Clay Caswell for making our recreation center sparkly clean. Large thanks to Sgt. Jason Hopkins and Officer Ron Jacobson for their positive interactions with the youth attending the dance. Also, a large thank you to the 200 high school students who came to our dance. We appreciate the way you exemplified responsible behavior. Thank you to the teen center staff for their hard work: Kate Moreau, Ashlin Gillis and Ally Yeomans. Also thanks also to our dance promoters: Brie Bryer, Grace Lynn, Mariah Messinger, Rachel O’Neill and Jackie Tantimonaco.

Lastly, thanks to the town for the support it continues to show for the teen center

Molly Conlon
Teen coordinator

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