2013-03-14 / News

Lawmaker wants to limit legislative terms

State Rep. Anthony Giarrusso, who represents East and West Greenwich, told the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday that action on legislative term limits is long overdue. He urged legislators to get behind it.

In testimony submitted to the committee, Giarrusso threw his support behind a resolution that would put questions regarding term limits before voters in the 2014 elections.

Two-year legislative terms are established in the Rhode Island Constitution, and a constitutional amendment must be approved by voters to be changed. The referendum would ask for four-year terms instead of two, and would prohibit any legislator from serving more than three consecutive terms.

“The country’s founders visualized citizen legislators, and to an extent, we have preserved that,” said Giarrusso. “But two-year terms and the need to mount campaigns every other year saps legislative energy, and takes focus away from the business of government.”

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