2013-03-21 / Letters to the Editor

Don’t forget to sign up for Cal Ripken Baseball

I am writing to thank Eric Bush for his tireless efforts over the past several years as the president of Jamestown Cal Ripken Baseball. I met Eric a few years ago when my son became active and I decided to become a coach in our league. Working with Eric was always a pleasure and our league is better off because of his hard work, enthusiasm and positive attitude.

He is now handing over the reins to his brother Jeff, and early indications are that this will prove to be an excellent choice. I am excited about the upcoming season, and once again I will join forces with Tom Belsky to coach our sons and several other youngsters the fundamentals, teamwork and sportsmanship. Tom and I have a similar approach to coaching: teach the kids to pay attention, learn as many fundamentals as they can, be good to your teammates and opponents, and have fun.

We had a great season last year and want to encourage children to sign up on Saturday, March 23, from 8 to 11 a.m. at the recreation center. If you cannot make it that day, you can sign up now online at the league’s Facebook page.

We will need help with coaching and concession stand volunteers, so if you are excited about winter ending and getting outside this spring, please return to our league or become a new addition and help strengthen Jamestown Cal Ripken Baseball.

Mark Ryan
Somerset Street
East Greenwich

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