2013-03-28 / Letters to the Editor

In-law apartments will add to sewer problems

The island has serious water and sewer issues, and a disparity between the Jamestown Shores and downtown with regard to development. There is no questions that the addition of in-law apartments will add to the water and sewer problems on the island.

It’s a fact that there are already severe restrictions on development in the Shores due to water and septic issues. It’s a fact that there has been past discussion of making the Shores contribute to water and sewer for the downtown residents, even though they cannot avail themselves of the services. It’s a fact that the size of new homes and remodeled houses downtown have less restrictions than the Shores because of the available water and sewer.

Adding in-law apartments to the mix will increase the burden on the existing systems downtown, and increase the stress on the environment in the Shores. This isn’t about in-laws or illegal rentals, it is about our basic infrastructure and its costs – financial and environmental – on the island. I welcome the discussion.

Robert Tormey
Buoy Street

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