2013-04-11 / Letters to the Editor

Kudos to Whitehouse for taking stand on carbon

The April 12 deadline for comments on U.S. Sen. Whitehouse’s draft on carbon pricing is fast approaching. This is an important first step in placing a direct fee on carbon pollution and returning the revenue back to consumers so we can transition to a clean energy economy while helping to ensure a stable climate for our children and grandchildren.

Sen. Whitehouse is asking the public to comment on four items: the appropriate price per ton for carbon polluters to pay; what the annual increase should be; the best ways to return the revenue to the public; and how the pricing mechanism would interact with existing state programs.

A high price on carbon promises climate solutions, and I am grateful that strong leadership is coming from our state. The least we can do as citizens is return the favor and offer our feedback at his website. Please visit Whitehouse.senate.gov and look for the March 12 press release titled “Waxman, Whitehouse, Blumenauer and Schatz release carbon price discussion draft.”

As the press release states, the proposed legislation would establish the polluter pays principle for dangerous carbon pollution, requiring large emitters to pay for the pollution they emit.

Mary Jane Sorrentino
Green Lane

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