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This Week In Island History

Week of April 25
Compiled by Sue Maden

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 100 years ago came from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago

From the Newport Journal, April 25, 1913

New safes for the town treasurer and tax collector arrived Tuesday.

The grounds in front of the new Thorndike are being sodded and flower beds arranged.

Interior decorators are transforming the old Greene farmhouse on Shoreby Hill. The walls are being covered with canvas, and scenes of New England life and landscapes are being painted thereon.

Lighter Ella Marie is in with a load of lumber for local contractors.

75 years ago

From the Newport Daily News, April 22, 1938

A farewell party for Allen P. Chase, for several years connected with the Beavertail Golf and Country Club, was given Wednesday at Point View House, Conanicut Park. Mr. Chase will leave Jamestown the first of May for Concord, N.H., where he has accepted the position as business manager of the St. Paul’s School.

A turkey supper was held Wednesday evening at Harbor View Inn, marking the closing of the season of the Bayside Whist Club. The ladies were presented with roses and the men with cigars.

From the Newport Daily News, April 25, 1938

There was a large attendance at the Democratic victory ball held in the Holy Ghost hall Friday evening. Paquette’s orchestra furnished the music.

From the Newport Daily News, April 29, 1938

The Thorndike Hotel, one of Jamestown’s landmarks, will soon disappear. Workmen today began the task of razing the five-story hotel, containing 109 rooms. The Thorndike Hotel has been in operation there for nearly 50 years, but it has been closed the past two seasons.

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News,

April 23, 1963

The Jamestown Town Council last night protested quarrying of rock at the site of Fort Wetherill after receiving a letter from the Army Engineers, via Rep. John E. Fogarty, that 3 million cubic yards would be taken from the Fort Dumpling area. The rock is to be used in the Providence area for fill in building a hurricane barrier. The council decided to apply for a larger area of land at the fort than originally requested, in order to establish a Daughters of the American Revolution site and a parking area surrounding the historic fort site. From the Newport Daily News,

April 29, 1963

Holding of the tax line, preparing for the Newport Bay Bridge, improving the town’s highway system, collecting delinquent taxes and adopting a fair zoning ordinance are among the planks in the Republican’s party’s platform.

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News,

April 25, 1988

The Conservation Commission has recommended that Jamestown conduct an extensive hydrological study of land surrounding the closed landfill to determine the extent of any groundwater pollution. From the Newport Daily News,

April 28, 1988

The fifth and final harbor ordinance workshop Wednesday was more a case of finetuning than major reconstruction However, not everyone at Town Hall agreed with everything contained in the current version of the ordinance. About 40 persons attended.

15 years ago

From the Jamestown Press,

April 23, 1998

Upgrading work underway on Southwest Avenue for the past two weeks, by the state Department of Transportation, has been stopped due to concerns by the Narragansett Indians that ancient graves and artifacts will be disturbed.

A tree-planting ceremony celebrating Arbor Day will be held at the Jamestown library Friday, April 24, at 3 p.m. The Quononoquott Garden Club is sponsoring the event and is contributing a paperbark maple tree.

10 years ago

From the Jamestown Press,

April 24, 2003

The proposed major town water system improvements now call for spending a total of about $14.5 million in the next decade or so.

Dutch Island, the 81-acre uninhabited island in the West Passage that was an active military fortification from the time of the Civil War until the mid-1920s, was closed to visitors in November 2000 due to the deterioration of concrete cisterns associated with the World War I-era Fort Greble.

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